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Imaginary Trio



Bead CD01/FMR CD02-011988 Phil Wachsmann/Peter Jacobsen/Ian Brighton/Marcio Mattos/Trevor Taylor Eleven years from yesterday
Bead CD002 Gush/Phil Wachsmann Gushwachs
Bead CD03 Philipp Wachsmann Chathuna
Bead CD 104 Philipp Wachsmann/Teppo Hauta-Aho August step
Startle the echoes Philipp Wachsmann/Matthew Hutchinson Bead CD05SP
Bead CD06SP Philipp Wachsmann/Michael Bunce Refractions in air
Bead CD07SP Philipp Wachsmann/Martin Blume Pacific 2003
Bead CD08SP Philipp Wachsmann, Bruno Guastalla, Dominic Lash Imaginary Trio
Bead CD09SP Chris Burns, Matthew Hutchinson Untuning the Sky
Bead CD10SP Philipp Wachsmann, Roger Turner Alizarin